New Serial Announcement

April 30 2024, my new serial Forsaken Angels launched on Wattpad with Season 1: Lucifer. A new chapter will be released every Tuesday, and you can either wait to unlock a new chapter every week or unlock them using Wattpad’s coins.

The first five chapters are free from the start!


Forsaken Angels: Lucifer

Self-proclaimed monster hunter Cassandra Cole must make a sinful deal with the fallen angel Lucifer to protect her sisters from evil forces who want to use them to unleash hell on Earth.


Cassandra Cole has been fighting monsters since her parents were murdered. But she never expected her new job as a personal assistant to the enigmatic Luce Morningstar to plunge her into a world with forsaken angels, demons, and a looming apocalypse.

When a powerful enemy threatens her sisters, Cass must make a sinful pact with Luce to keep them safe, allowing him to skim her soul for power. Yet as their arrangement ignites a passion neither can resist, Cass finds that Luce’s touch might be more dangerous than the monsters she’s sworn to fight.

With the forces of darkness closing in and the lines between lust and love blurring, Cass must decide how far she’s willing to go to save those she loves. Can she risk losing not only her heart but her very soul as well?

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