Where Love, Laughter, and Passion Intertwine

Dive into romances where every beat resonates with warmth, and every story is a gateway to your heart. From Regency England to fantasy lands or contemporary London (with a Paranormal twist), Emily’s books share the same humour and eventual happy ending. Whether you’re seeking a steamy, passionate escapade or a tender, laugh-out-loud romance, you should find a book in her collection that whispers to your heart.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea (or glass of wine!), curl up in your favourite reading spot, and dive into a world where love always comes with a smile!


About Emily

Emily is a hopeless romantic who scribbles stories of fools falling in love. No matter the setting, there are always fools falling in love.

Living in the south of England, Emily spends her non-writing time with her family and pets. This includes the dust bunnies hiding under the furniture. One is named Steve.