A Midsummer Night’s Kiss

What is a proper young lady to do when she finds a stranger sleeping in her bed?

Angelique Grafton doesn’t know much about love. Resigned to marry the man her late parents intended for her, she can’t help dreaming of more than a loveless marriage. When she finds a handsome man in her bed who makes her very skin tingle, she realises that maybe losing her happiness is too steep a price to fulfil her parents’ wishes.

Nathaniel Howerty, the Marquess of Pensington, knows too much about love. Having seen his father destroyed by losing the woman he loved, Nathaniel wants nothing to do with romance. But when he meets Angel Grafton, he finds he wants her more than anything else. Does he dare to leave himself vulnerable to a woman who might steal not only his kisses but his heart as well?

Coming September 24, 2024


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