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You know that feeling when you’ve just had enough? Yes, that one. I’m having it right now.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to get Covid or have our air fryer break. My kitchen needed to catch on fire too.

That may sound more dramatic than it probably was, but I’m still salty about the entire ordeal. First off, everyone is okay. Minus parts of our floor and stove.

Friday night, we felt lazy and had takeaway pizza. When we went to put the Tiny Tyrant down for the night (she wanted both of us in the room, so we all ended up on our bed), we left the empty boxes on the stove. We think our dog must have gone sniffing at the boxes and accidentally turned on one of the hobs…

Cue us waking up to the smoke alarm. We dash out to the kitchen and find the boxes are now on fire, with flames licking the fan above the stove. Smoke everywhere.

I’m holding a screaming, terrified Tiny Tyrant while my partner tries to get the burning boxes out of the flat. He fails to get the front door open and has to drop the boxes in the hallway. Fortunately, he managed to put the fire out before it spread but it did burn through our flooring. There are burn marks both in the hallway and kitchen.

We’ll have to replace the entire linoleum carpet in the kitchen. The hallway has slats, so at least we only have to replace the ones with the damage there, and not the entire hallway. In the end, I know I should be grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was (and I am), but I’m also tired and just wish I didn’t have to deal with this.

Our flat smelled of smoke for days. It’s a little better now, but the two areas with the burned flooring obviously still stink. I hope we can get it sorted soon as the smell gives me a headache.

Aaaanyway… How was everyone else’s weekend? Better than ours, I hope!

Main damage on the hallway floor. It just burned straight through the flooring.
Soot and burn mark in the kitchen.
The Tiny Tyrant’s favourite burn: the smirking smiley.

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