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What I’ve been up to in February. In bullet points.

In February, I:

  • Watched the entire first season of Reacher on Amazon Prime. (Okay, it’s only eight episodes, so it was fairly quick…) I really enjoyed it!
  • Coughed. Still.
  • Went back to our favourite farm park hangout for the first time since before Christmas (we have an annual pass as it’s only twenty minutes away).
Hahaha her shoes are a size too big and they look massive!
  • Wrote, but never as much as I wish I could. Did hit the monthly target, at least.
  • Realised it has been one year since my grandma died (the last of my grandparents). They all hit me hard, but this one was the hardest as she was like a second mum to me. One of these days I might be able to write about it.
  • Finally saw my friends (and their little ones) for a playdate. We hadn’t met up since probably November as we’ve all had Covid or bad colds more or less consecutively (and I was away for a month). Was great seeing them. I miss adult conversations at times. (Though the amount you manage with a bunch of kids running around is… up for discussion.)
  • Received this absolutely amazing (late) Christmas present from our friends. It’s a drawing of my dog Bailey. He will be fifteen years old tomorrow, and is my old boi. ♥
My handsome boy
  • Total words written in February: 22 764