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Since I watched Disney’s Encanto a few weeks ago, I cannot seem to get the songs out of my head. So lately I’ve been listening a lot to Surface Pressure (my favourite) and We Don’t Talk About Bruno. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’d suggest giving it a try, even if just for the amazing soundtrack. The songs are written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame, and also the one who made the amazing songs from Moana), so you can pretty much be sure they will be earworms.

Surface Pressure is my absolute favourite, and anyone who has ever felt stressed out/like they are taking on too much will be able to relate to this song. It’s silly, but I swear I struggle to listen to this without getting tearful.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno isn’t quite as catchy (to me) but still an enjoyable (and kind of amusing) song.