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After a good start to the year with being back home and seeing my family, our return to England was… less than pleasant. Two days after we got back, both I and the Tiny Tyrant tested positive for Covid. So happy new year to the Morgans household!

In the end, it’s not been too bad. Omicron definitely seems to be the milder variant so far (though I am fully aware not everyone is so lucky). TT had a high fever for a couple of days, but by day three had no fever and only an upset stomach. After that, she bounced back as if nothing had happened.

For me, I suffered a bit more, but knowing how badly hit some people have been I don’t feel I can complain. I had a terrible headache, an incredibly difficult cough and runny nose, and fatigue, but that was pretty much it. The fatigue made it difficult to do anything, and I have fallen quite far behind on writing (something I now need to catch up on). I’m definitely better now, and no longer test positive, but the cough lingers and won’t quite go away. I am still fatigued but at this point I couldn’t say whether it’s Covid or my usual CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) which I’ve had for years.

My partner fell ill a few days after us, but never suffered too badly.

On the whole, it was an unpleasant experience, but I definitely feel like we got off easy compared to some. Now I just need to catch up on all the writing and clean the house after having no energy to do anything for over a week.