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John Osborne has a promising career with the War Office and lacks for nothing. Except, possibly, a wife. Unfortunately, the woman he wants only has eyes for someone else. When a shared friend offers to help him win his love’s heart–if only he will assist her on a case–he reluctantly agrees. He can put up with their grating presence if it affords him the chance of the happily ever after he so desperately craves.

Lady Mary Kinson is happily counting down the days until she will officially be considered ‘on the shelf’. Spinsterhood is looking rather appealing when getting married means giving up everything and trusting your husband to care for you. She’d rather use her dowry for a quiet life on her own. Until her younger sister does the unthinkable and Mary has to enlist the help of a friend to save her family from ruin.

This Howertys companion novella takes place after the four-book main series.
Status: First draft complete