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Two years ago, Miranda ‘Rain’ Howerty sent the gossip mill into a frenzy when she married the elusive Duke of Winterbourne, Marcus Dashcombe, a mere two months into the Season. But what was meant to be a dashing love affair turned sour already on the wedding night as Rain found out the truth about why Marcus pursued her: he wanted her dowry.

Now the estranged couple is forced to live under the same roof, and Rain is ready for their marriage to end. It’s clear her husband never loved her anyway. Gathering her courage, she asks Marcus for the unthinkable: an annulment.

Marcus cannot – and will not – grant her request. Hoping to extend their time together, he offers Rain a deal. Allow him ten kisses to save their marriage, and he will consider her proposal. Even if he already knows his final answer. There is no way he will let Rain slip out of his fingers again.

The Howertys Book 4
First draft Complete