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Preston Caldwell, Viscount Leighton, has only ever loved one woman, but she is not for him. She’s the belle of the ball, the incomparable of the season, the daughter of a duke… The list goes on. She is also his best friend’s sister, and she’s in love with another man.

Lady Amelia Warble has found her match. He just doesn’t know it yet. In fact, he seems barely aware of her existence. In a bid to make some waves and have her future husband notice her, she enlists her brother’s friend and notorious rake, Leighton, to pretend to court her. It’s the perfect plan until spending so much time in close proximity to Leighton makes her question who really is her best match. Only Leighton is a rake, and she’s sworn never to fall for one again…

Prequel to The Howerty series
Status: First Draft Complete