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In a family of dark-haired children, blonde Ivy has always felt like the odd duck out. Always finding herself in trouble, she sees her potential redemption when the village’s new visitor asks her to show him around. Everyone is sure to take notice when she’s on the arm of a handsome man. But her new friend is more charming than she expected, and she soon hopes for a lot more than sightseeing. If only she could shake the feeling that he is hiding something from her…

Sam Hemsworth is an agent working for the Rose Agency. A new case brings him to a picturesque village where any visitor is the latest news. The constant attention from the residents is not ideal when you need to discover someone’s darkest secrets. Being attracted to the daughter of the family he’s sent to investigate isn’t overly helpful, either. He had better complete his mission as quickly as possible before Ivy’s dog steals his wooden leg again… or the dog’s owner steals his heart.

Brazen Bluestockings Book 1
Ongoing, weekly chapters