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Holiday Movies

It’s that time of the year again… That time when I sit down and watch a bunch of cheesy movies with a holiday theme. Or, at least, I try to find the time to watch a few. Often I end up having one on in the background while I wrap presents or do something else. With Netflix having entered the fray, there are so many new movies every year now that I’m quite far behind. I’ve seen a few of the Netflix movies: A Christmas Prince, The Knight Before Christmas, Operation Christmas Drop, The Princess Switch, Christmas Inheritance, and a few more.

I did see the one this year with Brooke Shields and Cary Elves; A Castle for Christmas. It was average at best if I’m honest. Maybe it’s because I’m a romance writer, but I felt like they could have worked a little more romance in there. I wanted more romantic scenes!

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to give you a little list of some of my favourite holiday movies! So, without further ado…

1. Klaus

This animated movie is on Netflix and going into it I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you know what? It’s a beautiful movie. The animation style is original and the story is both amusing and sweet (and a little bit sad).

2. Elf

I know this movie has been out for ages, and it’s silly. But you know what, it’s just the right amount of silly for me. It doesn’t take itself too seriously (and you shouldn’t either) but still has a heart-warming message in between the goofiness.

3. Bad Santa

Another old classic. This dark comedy is exactly my type of humour. Never watched the sequel, and I probably never will, but this one is great fun. (I admittedly haven’t seen it for years now, so I’m a bit worried it won’t live up to my memories of it.)

4. the Holiday

As I’m writing this list, I’m coming to realise I tend to stick to the same old movies. But, come on, these are definitely the better ones, right? The Holiday with the two women who trade houses for Christmas and find themselves–and love–is sweet.

5. Die Hard

My partner and I rewatch this movie every year on Christmas Day. It’s tradition. (Imagine saying ‘tradition’ with that extra bit of emphasis like my partner always does. He likes to claim ‘tradition’ on anything he wants to do again–or doesn’t want to do if it’s suddenly ‘tradition’ that I do it.) It sort of happens at Christmas though. There are decorations and a Santa hat. And machine gunfire. I’ll take it.

What are your go-to Holiday movies?