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Behind the Scenes

Did You Know I’m on Ko-fi?

I took the plunge recently and signed up to Ko-fi. It’s something of a simpler version of Patreon, which was the other option I looked at. Out of the two I went for Ko-fi since it offers the possibility for supporters to just do a one-off show of support by buying me a cup of coffee.

Patreon does have the advantage of the tiers where you can explain exactly what you offer for each one. Like, I would love to offer copies of my books once they are published to supporters, but Ko-fi doesn’t really have an easy way to do that. However, Patreon has other parts I don’t like, so for now, at least – I’m on Ko-fi.

I’m offering weekly chapters of my current WIP to supporters; a historical romance that is the third in my Howerty series. There will also be sneak peeks for other stories, and maybe some deleted scenes and similar. If anyone has any suggestions for what they’d like to see, I’m all ears!

If you’d like to check out my Ko-fi page, it’s here:


Have you ever tried Ko-fi, Patreon or any of those sites? What do you think about them?

Behind the Scenes

Mini Introduction

I saw this somewhere and decided to steal it. Because apparently I’m a thief?

1. What I write: Romance all the way! Fantasy Romance, and Historical Romance (Regency). Sometimes I try something different, and I have a contemporary novella.

2. My go-to genre to read/write: Romance in multiple sub-genres, but I also enjoy a good horror or thriller. And some general fiction?

3. Favorite characters: All of them! I try to vary the type I write. My favourites are probably the broody and sarcastic ones though.

4. Happily ever after ending: In my writing, always. But I generally prefer it in most of what I read. There’s enough gloominess in the real world.

5. Plotter or pantser: I’m a plantser? Probably more of a pantser than plotter though.

6. Writing tools: I write mainly in Scrivener these days. Love it!

7. What readers can expect from my stories: Humour, sparks flying and a happily ever after (eventually).

8. Publishing goals: Most likely self-publishing on Amazon. Hopefully, the first book will come out this year!

9. Fave authors: Julia Quinn, Teresa Medeiros, Lisa Kleypas, Torey Hayden, Dean Koontz, Stephen King

10. Writing personality: Not quite disciplined enough… Organised chaos, basically. Like the rest of my life.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: A Midsummer Night’s Kiss

A Midsummer Night’s Kiss is the very first full-length novel I wrote. The first draft was finished over a decade ago, went through one or two edit rounds and was subsequently stuffed in a proverbial drawer as I hit a terrible writer’s block due to my mental and physical health declining.

I picked writing back up at the start of 2020, and I still love this story so I dug it back out and went through it for another round of edits. It will probably need at least one more, but I think we’re getting there.

It’s a Historical Romance set during the Regency period. Our heroine is Angelique Grafton, a shy debutante in London for her first season. She’s resigned to marry the man her late parents chose for her, even if she has no interest in him and–really–he’s kind of terrible. Having been raised by a less-than-encouraging aunt and uncle, with a cousin who detests her, Angel’s confidence isn’t the best. She has to learn to find her voice and stand up for herself and what she wants.

Our hero is Nathaniel Howerty, Marquess of Pensington. He’s the head of his family and has three younger sisters (who will all get their own stories eventually). He’s a good friend of Angel’s brother James Grafton, Viscount Gowthorpe. The last thing he wants in his life is love, and he actively avoids it due to some events in his past. The two end up meeting when Angel arrives in London for the season and discovers him asleep in her bed.

The original title for this book was A Rose For Angel, and there are still remnants of the rose theme in the story. At another point the title was As He Likes It, but I scrapped it in favour of A Midsummer Night’s Kiss when I felt it sounded a little too much like an erotic romance or bdsm story.

Like all of the Howerty Books, the title is a play on a Shakespeare play. The Howerty siblings all have names from Shakespeare too (their mother was a big fan):

Nathaniel (Taming of the Shrew)
Jessica (Merchant of Venice)
Miranda (The Tempest)
Nicola (whose name is also Hero from Much Ado About Nothing, her name isn’t in a story, but there’s a Nicholas in both Taming of the Shrew and A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Is there anything you’d like to know about this book?

Behind the Scenes

What I Write

Did I say I would post once a week? I obviously meant once a month. It was definitely my intention all along…

I wanted to introduce my writing a little today. First and foremost, I write Romance.

My first two novels are both Historical Romance (Regency), and I’m querying the first with agents while revising/editing the second. I have more planned for this sub-genre, firstly another two in the series these two belong to. (The Howertys.)

More recently I’ve been writing a lot of Fantasy Romance, very much focused on the romance aspect. They’re similar to my regular romance novels, only that they take place in a fantasy world. It’s a series of stories where you get one couple’s love story per book, but the series is connected by a loose overarching plot. Some stories will touch on the series arc more than others. I’m really enjoying writing these stories, and I hope to make something of them. (The Spellbound Series.)

Do you like steamy romance in historical settings, whether in the real world or a fantasy one, then my books are for you!